One of the biggest mistakes that Syracuse businesses make is neglecting their website design. Even if you paid a lot of money for your website in the past, you should always consider updating it every few years.

Most websites are made with the latest trends in mind. Unfortunately, some of these trends fall out of style. If you are stuck with these types of websites, it could leave a bad impression on your audience.

If you want to keep your website operating as effectively as possible, you should make sure that you hire a Syracuse web design team that knows how to make your website work for you.

Adding Images and Replacing Text

Attention spans on the Internet are shrinking by the year. People don’t want to load up a web page and read a wall of text. They would much rather look at images and decipher the message that way. A website that has carefully placed images that take the place of paragraphs of text will be much better received than a standard website.

We can implement these types of website designs which will take full advantage of the shorter attention spans of your viewers. Not only do image filled web pages communicate your message more effectively to the customer; it also creates a more visually appealing look.

Your new website will go a long way in impressing the viewer. This, in turn, will carry over to your business. People will associate your impressive website with your business and view it in a more favorable light. The end result will be better business for your company.

Social Integration

Every website has basic social plug-ins; however, that is simply not enough. The truth is most people completely ignore those social bonds. Instead, it is much more effective to encourage user interaction on your site. Give them a reason to comment on your page and make sure those comments will be welcomed with open arms.

To do this, you need the right type of website design. Make sure that your viewers will be able to quickly see that this is a social media encouraged website and after a few posts, everyone will see that they are welcome to leave their own thoughts on your page.

Get Rid of the Ads

Your website is supposed to feature your business. It is not supposed to be a separate source of income entirely. Too many businesses in the Syracuse area think it’s a good idea to place ads on their site. The only thing this does is takes a potential customer away from your site and places them onto a competitor’s site.

When someone lands on your company’s site, you want their full attention to be on you, not another ad. This is why you should never have ads on your site. The only exception is if you are involved in an ad exchange, but that is another story entirely.

Replace your ads with more content and images about your business. Make sure your entire website is designed with your company as its main focus.>