Anytime you hire a firm to redesign your site, they will be pushing the latest trends in order to give you the most immediate results that look the most impressive. This is great in the short term; however, a lot of these trends will quickly go out of fashion. If you have done this more than a few years ago, there’s a good chance that you are now sporting an out of date website that looks old and unappealing.

If you have not had a website redesign recently, we would recommend that you allow us to give your site a review and bring it up-to-date for you. We have been providing this service for businesses in the Rochester area for years. During this time, we have gathered a lot of data that we used to identify what web design features will be the most successful.

Below, we will go over some of the old web design trends that he should not have on your site anymore. If you have any of these on your website, we can help you fix them as soon as possible.

Parallax Scrolling Technique

A site that implements the parallax scrolling technique creates a strange visual for the user as they scroll down the page. The background and foreground scroll differently from one another. This creates the illusion that the site has depth. Although it is an interesting effect, we have much better ways of creating this visual.

This is an outdated visual technique that relies on heavy graphics. This means it will contribute to slower loading times and it will negatively impact the performance of your website.

Carousels on the Top Fold

A few years ago, carousels were all the rage. They are the slider images that scroll across the top fold of a website. They are large intrusive images that take up the majority of the screen.

Although they were hugely successful in the first few years of their implementation, too many sites have used them and now it is starting to feel repetitive. They don’t stand out anymore and the only impact they have is a negative one.

It pushes more important information down to the second half of the page where it is not as easy for the viewer to see. If you have a carousel on your site, you should look into replacing it immediately. It is only be going to become less effective from here on out.

Overly Complex Living Screens

It’s good to have some kind of animation that the website is loading for the viewer to watch, however, you don’t want to get too carried away with this. We see some sites that over implement loading screens, causing the loading times to increase even further.

A simple design and animation are all this needed for a loading screen. It keeps the interest of the viewer without over inflating their expectations. This allows you to impress them when your site actually does load as opposed to distracting them while they wait.