We are a web design firm that has been specializing in the New York City area for years. We have been helping businesses redesign their website in order to increase the results that they are getting. Over the years, we have developed the best techniques that have been proven to be the most effective in the area. Below, we will talk about some of the web design trends that work today and how we can help implement them into your site.

Material Design Websites

Material design is a term that is used to describe websites that feature attractive graphical elements throughout the site. In the past, flat designs were more prominent; however, we are starting to see better results with material designs lately.

A big part of this is that so many websites have adopted the flat style design that people are starting to become overly acclimated to. They are starting to blend in with one another and people are overlooking the sites entirely. They aren’t memorable at all. This is why material designs are starting to take hold as the most effective website style.

We work with our clients. We talk with them about changing their design to add more graphical elements. We explained to them the advantages of doing this and what they can expect. Normally, our clients will see an increase in conversions and an improved bounce rate, meaning the people who land on their site will stay for a longer amount of time.

Taking Typography to a New Level

Typography can go a long way in helping visitors remember your brand. Instead of using basic bold lettering on your title page, typography can help set it apart. Over the years, faster loading speeds and improved resolution and designs have allowed typography to reach new levels. We can add more detail than ever before which helps it stand out and make an impact from the view of your visitor.

Typography is trending towards different handwriting styles. It is tough to get right; however, a well-designed and writing style typography has been proven to bring the results that we are all looking for. The challenge of this type of font has been scaling it to match both large screens and smaller mobile devices. By using a responsive design, we are able to match both for your site.

Improves Mobile Layouts

These days, all sites should be optimized for mobile displays. When we are creating a mobile version of your site, we will focus on keeping the design as simple as possible. This will increase the loading speeds for your customers and allow them to view the most important aspects of your site. We do this while keeping it looking great for the user.

We will reformat many of the widgets and features that you have on your site to accommodate mobile displays. This will allow us to ensure that your website will load perfectly the matter what device your user is using to access it.

Using our New York City Web Design Services

These are just a few of the many things that we can implement on to your site. We have been working with businesses to redesign their sites for years and can bring our expertise to your company.